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Southlake Massage for your lifestyle

Move better
and improve your performance

Our Mission

At Fit Life Massage and Wellness, we are devoted to restoring balance in the body with massage, manual therapy, and nutrition. We believe that the body can heal and regenerate at any age with little intervention. Our therapies work with the body for the unique lifestyle needs of our clients and will boost performance in sports and life.

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Julee-Slovacek Paterson armor

I would highly recommend Leah!!! She is absolutely one of the best massage therapists I have ever been associated with. Her expertise, listening and caring is what separates her from the rest of the pack. I am very passionate about recommending her to any patient seeking solutions to their discomfort and pain.

Rod Marinelli
Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator

Rod Marinelli, Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator

I am a marathon runner and went to see Leah for a post marathon massage. She is awesome! She is very knowledgeable about the body and a very skilled massage therapist. Her technique is excellent for athletes!

Desiree Markle

desiree markle marathon

I fight in competitions with about 50+ lbs of armor on. After a weekend of fighting one gets very sore and “out of whack”.
Just got a massage from Leah and my body feels fluid and ready to go again! Highly recommended!

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Watching the View

Fit Life Massage and Wellness was founded in 2018 when Leah started to notice a growing number of people seeking out a more specific style of massage for active lifestyles and sports. Not only was it important to the athletes coming in the door to perform better, but for those who had physically demanding jobs to move better. There were also many who were finishing up physical therapy post-surgery and needed more soft tissue work done. Fit LIfe seeks to bridge the gap for anyone looking to increase their athletic performance or heal from acute or chronic injuries. We use our many modalities of massage and manual therapy in addition to therapeutic nutritional adjustments, supportive stretching and strength exercises, and the healing power of infrared sauna to treat whatever problems we encounter.

Our Story

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