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Post-surgery scar tissue massage

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Post-surgery massage can be done weeks or months after a procedure depending on the type and a doctor's release. We use cross-fiber friction to even out the tissues around the incision and reduce scar tissue. Flexibility and optimal function are restored as well as reducing the pain and shortening recovery. Ideally done during or after Physical Therapy.
We also treat a variety of ailments with medical massage and manual therapy including; arthritis, sciatica, lymphedema, tendonitis, and frozen shoulder.
Leah lifting weights
We do a unique blend of muscle stripping and trigger point work to get rid of old scar tissue and adhesions. The pressure is varied with detailed focus as well as long strokes to stretch the muscles. Deep tissue is different for each client, we tailor the session to their needs. Increased circulation and improved range of motion are the goals of this modality. 
Leah giving deep tissue massage to patient on table
Our sports massage is designed for performance. The strokes are broad and brisk to stimulate and lengthen the entire muscle and increase circulation. Paired with stretching, the joints are mobilized and flexibility is increased for optimal strength. This modality has an invigorating feel and will help prepare you for your sporting event.

We do a snug tuck of the sheet around the area we're working to keep the client comfortable. The sheet is never loosely draped and requests to undrape or expose inappropriate areas will not be tolerated per the Texas draping laws.

Leah giving patient a post surgery scar tissue massage on table

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