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Leah - owner, standing in boxing stance with boxing gloves on

Leah Morgan LMT
Certified Health Coach

Originally from the Chicago area, Leah's journey into massage therapy began through a short-lived career as a ballet dancer. At 17 she learned she had a birth defect in her ankle and because of the daily pain and she was advised by doctors to stop dancing. Not wanting to give up, she continued but the ankle problem snowballed into subsequent injuries and she was forced to quit dancing at 21. This changed everything for Leah but she learned a lot through her own rehabilitation and healing process. Ultimately that process inspired her to start a career in massage to help other athletes in injury prevention and rehab.

Leah holds an Associate's degree in occupational studies and massage therapy from Heritage College in Oklahoma City, OK with over 1400 hours of study. There she learned many modalities including Chinese medicine which she incorporates into her practice with treatments such as reflexology, essential oils, and acupressure. She is also a trained manual therapist and certified nutrition coach from Precision Nutrition.


Leah is skilled in many kinds of massage but her specialty is working with athletes. She is passionate about bringing the body into peak performance mode through massage and nutrition. She is currently a barre instructor at Rise Collective Wellness in Colleyville and lives with her fiance, 8 children, and four dogs in Keller, TX.

Leah's Family photo outdoors
Leah as a ballet dancer photo
Marina Fabian - admin , yoga practitioner
Marina Fabian office manager

Marina is an RYT 200 and has taught yoga in many studios in the area including Rise Collective Wellness in Colleyville.


She is also a Certified Life Coach and had the pleasure to publish her story in the best selling book on Amazon, She is Magic, Yes!


Marina is passionate about guiding others to be the most authentic versions of themselves. We are honored to have her as an adminastrator!

Photo of Leah - Dani - Robert , massage therapist

Leah (Dani) Roberts lmt

Leah graduated from Heritage College in Oklahoma City, OK with an associate's degree in Occupational studies in Massage Therapy.


She is experienced and trained in numerous modalities including medical massage, Chinese medicine, reflexology, and sports massage. She has worked closely with Chiropractors for many years and enjoys helping others feel their best.


Leah lives with her family of three small children and her partner and we are happy to have her on the team!

Photo of Joe Robles - Massage Therapist

Joe Robles Lmt

Joe was born and raised in Fort Worth where he played a variety of sports such as swimming, soccer, and long-distance running. He has competed in Olympic weightlifting and completed a half Iron Man and now is a personal training coach.

After many years of nursing injuries, he decided to attend massage therapy school and graduated from Parker University in 2020. He then received additional training in myofascial release, tendon, and ligament manipulation as well as scraping and cupping that helped him achieve better results for injured athletes like himself.

He is passionate about helping others move and perform better in their lives, we are proud to have him on the team!

Photo of Jacob Miller Massage Therapist
Alexandra south (admin)

Alex is originally from England and studied contemporary dance in London. She later began practicing yoga and moved to Thailand to study it and become a teacher.. She is an E-RYT 200 and certified in Ashtanga, prenatal and postnatal, pelvic floor, and restorative.  She met her husband and moved to the States where she continues to teach. 

Jacob Miller lmt

Jacob is a graduate of Parker University with 8 years of experience.


He specializes in scar tissue treatment, sports massage, and medical massage. He enjoys learning about anatomy and how the different pathologies affect the body.


In the past, he has fought competitively in Muay Thai and understands firsthand how important recovery work can be with injuries. We are proud to have him as a part of the team!

Tara Lindeman lmt

Tara began her career in massage therapy in 2022 after deciding to leave her corporate job. She graduated from Cortivia and is passionate about helping athletes move better in their bodies because of her own experiences. She competed in dance and cheerleading for over a decade and was involved in cross country. She competed in Roller Derby with the Dallas Derby Devils and DeathRow Rumblers. Later, she became interested in motorcycles and started competing in motocross. Tara understands firsthand how important it is to have good bodywork and we are excited to have her on the team.

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