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Professional Work Study Internship Program in Sports Massage 

Embark on a transformative 6-month work study internship program tailored for recent graduates of accredited massage therapy programs. Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on the integration of Fit Life modalities, specializing in pain relief techniques and enhanced performance methodologies.

Key Program Highlights:
Comprehensive Learning: Gain expertise in assessing and treating a diverse range of sports injuries and medical conditions. Acquire the knowledge to optimize muscle performance effectively.

Structured Training: Our program is structured into modules, with each module comprising two weeks of intensive hands-on training followed by six weeks of practical application and shadowing. Earn a competitive stipend during this period.
Active Partici
pation: Engage in various clinic events and initiatives, enabling you to develop a robust client base while networking within the industry.
Team Integration: Upon successful completion of the initial two-week sports massage training, students will be integrated into our dynamic team. They will commence providing massage services while progressing through the program.
Program Completion: Successfully complete three sequential 8-week modules and demonstrate proficiency in a final practical assessment to attain the esteemed title of Fit Life therapist.
Career Advancement: Upon program completion, graduates can expect a well-deserved raise immediately, followed by additional increments after one year of service.

We look forward to welcoming dedicated individuals to our esteemed internship program. This immersive experience promises not only professional growth but also the opportunity to make a significant impact in the realm of massage therapy and sports performance enhancement. Apply now and take the first step towards a rewarding career with Fit Life.

Leah standing and speaking to a therapist while client lays on table.


  • On-the-job training

  • Mentorship

  • Guaranteed raises after 6 months and 1 year

  • Free CEU's

  • Free Sauna sessions

  • Perks and discounts with affiliate businesses


  • Letter of recommendation from their instructor

  • Personal letter of recommendation

  • Passed the MBLEx

  • Personal liability insurance

  • Graduated in the last 6 months

Leah standing while therapist massages a client on table.
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